We have LIVE CHAT available on our website until 6:00 pm EST Monday - Friday. Our email tech support is also available during this time, as well as after hours and week-ends! We also are available through our '800' number, as well as through our 24 hour fax service.

To save our customers additional product costs, we have trimmed back our phone lines. We have found that we can communicate with customers more quickly and easily with our instant live chat, text and expanded hours of email support. There are numerous companies who do business by email exclusively - is very close to us and they do not have instant email, live chat or a phone number. Employing enough staff to man phone lines constantly would translate to a 30% cost hike to the cost of our products. Current conditions dictate that we keep prices low to fulfill our "wholesale pricing" promise to our customers, but we are always standing by to serve you.

Excellent support is just a click away!