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"The Olfactory Nose Factory"

We have smelled the future, and this is it! This powerful machine fills a 3,000 square foot area quickly (approx. 15 seconds) with some beautiful smells that are guaranteed to make your next event a hit! Great for themed parties, shows and events where imagination is key. The floral fragrances work great for weddings, and the pine tree and spice scents work well for christmas parties. Each scent gel lasts approx. 20 hours, and when used with this machine will guarantee a memorable experience.

This is the most powerful and aggressive machine we have seen for under $2,000. The Scent-o-matic fills a large area very quickly, and can be used to emphasize a product or idea in a theatrical or tent setting. Gels may be stored and used when needed, and can be inter-changed with other gels in a matter of seconds. Comes with a fully adjustable hanging bracket and plugs into any standard wall plug. 1 amp. 120V. Dimensions: 7" x 8" x 12.5".

Note: The nose adapts to a scent quickly, so after spending some time around the machine, you may notice that it appears to not smell as strongly or not at all, when in fact, your nose has adapted to the scent. If you leave the area for a few minutes, and then re-enter, you will notice the smell again. This type of "scent exhaustion" is normal, and is similar to the experience you have when applying deodorant or perfume.

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