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This DVD has 6 excellent demonstrations including:

Maquette - sculpting a miniature monster for previsualization.

Headcasting - How to make a full head and shoulder cast of an actor.

Latex Appliance - How to attach and paint an "off the shelf" appliance not sculpted for your model.

Creature bust - Making a life size head and neck clay sculpture of an alien creature.

Half mask - Another very fun and funny tutorial presented by Jordu Schell (schellstudio.com) on sculpting, molding, casting and airbrush painting a full face monster "Half mask".

Fangs - An Excellent tutorial from Michael Pack demonstrating how to make custom fitted vampire fangs like the ones he made for various movies and TV shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Presented by funny and sometimes scary professionals with years of TV and Movie experience, these in depth tutorials show you step by step how to do everything including tips on what NOT to do. An affordable addition to anyone's library, excellent for young and old alike.

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