Soundproof Snow Machine

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This is the "Cadillac" of snow machines! A smooth, quiet ride into a winter wonderland. We have tested this unit alongside other soundproof machines, and found it to be quieter than any we have found, and cheaper too! It's no problem to create beautiful, fast evaporating, blowing snow with this whisper quiet top-of-the-line generator! Features include variable output, adjustable flake size, no clean-up and full control. Create anything from small flakes to an all out blizzard. Comes complete with timer remote. Sound is equivalent to a hair dryer on the lowest setting. Higher output than our standard snow machine. 9 amps. Sound Level: Approx. 65 db. (similar to a hair dryer on it's lowest setting). Comes with DMX on board, so you can operate it from a light board instead of the included remote if you choose. Remote includes settings for heaviness of snowfall. Switch on rear panel allows you to control how far it travels. Hanging Bracket, fluid container and safety latch included. Uses about 1 Gallon for every 1-3 hours. Weight: 28 lbs. Uses approx. 1 gallon of fluid every 1 - 2 hours, depending on setting.

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