Biodegradable Snow

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Looks and falls just like real snow, but it's not cold and doesn't leave a mess! Our artificial snow is plant and animal friendly and dissolves completely in water - just hose it down or let the rain take care of the cleanup, or sweep it up and re-use it! Airy enough to float gracefully with air movement. Preferred over real snow on the sets of many Hollywood Movies. Environmentally Friendly! Soft texture, floats easily - just like the real thing! Great for window displays, theater, photo shoots and Christmas-time fun!

One bag is enough to cover a 1 foot square area with a light snow. The Snow Blower is not required to use this product, but is helpful for covering large areas. Artificial snow will become sticky when wet. For a winter time tree, lightly water tree beforehand, then cover with artificial snow. 1/2 Pound Bio Snow Powder Bag 6" x 6".


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