Wonder Igniter

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Imagine being able ignite flash paper, flash cotton, or any other flash product with a secret push of the button... Or produce a flash of fire at your fingertips without the use of matches, lighters or any other common igniter!

This new multi-utility device is very well made and ready to use. No finger flicking, this unit is electric. This item uses a 9volt battery and flash paper.

Kid's Shows
Have a child point a wand at a fire pan and the fire magically ignites. The child has made the magic happen!

Produce a rose in a flash and show your hands completely clean.

Concentrate on a secret message written on a piece of "paper" and it ignites at your fingertips.

Have a "note" or "written letter" catch fire during a séance.

NOTE: Only use an Alkaline battery for this product.

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