Oil Wheel Light

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This unique projector gives a stunning effect - projecting a multi color oil pattern that "melts" into itself - creating colors that move in all directions and interact with each other in an ever-changing mesmerizing effect!

Heavy duty projector - forged with steel casing and hanging bracket. With its 3500 hour lamp and long product history for reliability, the Oil Wheel is ideally suited for many different applications. Creating a customized logo or graphic pattern is easy. Simply print your graphic on regular paper and have a copy store turn it into a transparency (approx. cost: $1). Place the 6 inch transparency onto the oil wheel and you're in business!

75 Watt Halogen Bulb included (3500 hours)
Motor: Fully Adjustable from 1 - 6 RPM
Effect: 6" multi-colored oil wheel included
Dimensions: 7" x 6"x 10" (HxWxD)

The new Oil Wheel's uses range from Clubs, Restaurants, Bands, and Entertainers to Retail outlets, Photographic studios, Exhibitions, and Special events.

Note: be sure to point beam at a downward angle to avoid heat damage to lens or wheel. For an upward effect, place mirror tile in front of unit.

The oil wheel can create a 10 foot oil wheel circle on a stage or background from about 20 feet away.

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