Low Lying Digital Ground Fogger

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Simply put, we designed this machine to give you more. Much more. Every detail has been carefully considered, from tip to tail. The result is a solidly built, heavy duty, high quality, new generation ground fog machine! This high end unit puts out tons of low fog, enough to cover a 40 foot by 40 foot stage in mere seconds. You'll be amazed at the "full throttle" capabilities of this machine. Create a heavenly, "walking on clouds" feeling at the touch of a button!

This "solid as a rock" machine meets and exceeds all standards for heavy duty use and abuse. The low price, purposefully ground breaking, makes this machine attainable by small theaters, churches and large tours alike. Forged from heavy duty metal components. Built to last a lifetime. The fog machine is manufactured as part of the machine, so you no longer have to buy two separate machines to generate your low fog. You can generate regular fog or low fog with the touch of a button. Easy to set up - simply add ice to the front bin, and fog fluid to the tank.

Includes super-heating copper tubing and continuous output options, with variable output percentages at the touch of a button. Includes a computerized digital remote with digital display that guides you through the steps and keeps you informed throughout the fogging process. Fast warm up time and impressive variable output up to 10,000 cubic feet of ground fog per minute!

2.5 quart tank capacity. Output regulator adjusts volume with ease. Includes built in pump for easy evacuation of melted ice. DMX in/out for control from any DMX light board. Digital remote can be easily removed from rear of unit and comes with a 33 foot cable. Castered rear for easy mobility. 27 " x 14" 15 ". 46 lbs. 1,200 Watts, 120V. Plugs into any standard outlet. Initial warm up time: 5 minutes. Re-heat time: 30 seconds.

Comes complete with digital timer remote and DMX on board!

Note: Cold Fog units, such as this one, work best in a warmer environment. This will allow the fog to be comparitively cooler than the surrounding air for a longer period of time. Use of a molecular or fast dissipating fog will allow the fog to dissipate before it reachs ambient temperature and rises.

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